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Yu, Chun-Hui’s art is an integration of philosophy, painting and calligraphy—with nature, poetry and Ch’an (Zen) serving as vital sources of inspiration. Her art evolves from a meditative process of personal reflection, and embodies three principal themes: Chi-yun, inner spirit or living energy of the brush stroke itself, radiating from the ink left by the brush; Yi-jin, feeling evoked by the physical form or subject matter; and Yi, essence that transcends the ordinary.

Yu, Chun-Hui’s ink paintings, which include many abstract landscapes, are a contemporary reinterpretation of the classical Chinese art form. The unfolding landscape serves as a metaphor for the artist’s own search for spiritual meaning in communion with and reverence for the natural world.

Yu, Chun-Hui has studied under the mentorship of masters Huang Chun-Pi, Wong Lui-Sheng, Chiang Chao-Shen, Hau Pei-Jen, Liu Ping-Heng, Tsao Jung-Ying, Fu Chuan-Fu and Lin Yun. Her paintings have been exhibited extensively in China, Taiwan and the U.S., including the Shanghai Art Museum and the San Jose Museum of Art. She currently teaches Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy at San Jose City College and the Pacific Art League of Palo Alto.

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